Hi Reindl, I really appreciate your suggestions. Yes I put ProxyRequest Off in the redirection to jetty. 

However, in the default vhost I think that I need proxyrequest on, because if I don't have that Apache responds when a proxy request attempt is done, returning 403 code. I don't want that apache responds to that request, instead I want the connection dropped. I'm doing this with the vhost below, and mod_security is dropping the connection.

If I use ProxyRequests Off, is there another way that mod_security handles the request and drops the connection?

<VirtualHost SERVERIP:81>
   ServerName default.only
   SecRuleEngine On
   SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^\d" log,drop,phase:1
   ProxyRequests On
 #Block all requests
 #       <Proxy *>
 #         Order deny,allow
 #         Deny from all
 #       </Proxy>

Thank you again Reindl

Best regards


2013/2/16 Reindl Harald <h.reindl@thelounge.net>

Am 16.02.2013 15:19, schrieb Alejandro Casagrande:
> <VirtualHost SERVERIP:81>
>   ServerName default.only
>   SecRuleEngine On
>   SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^\d" log,drop,phase:1
>   ProxyRequests On
>   #Block all requests
> #       <Proxy *>
> #         Order deny,allow
> #         Deny from all
> #       </Proxy>
> </VirtualHost>

DAMNED: ProxyRequests On

how often shoud i explain you that this should be Off
even for vhosts like below, this is from a WORKING setup

<VirtualHost *>
 ServerName         myhostname
 ProxyRequests      Off
 ProxyPass /        http://backend.vmware.local/
 ProxyPassReverse / http://backend.vmware.local/
 ProxyTimeout       300

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