Hello Pavel,

Are you running make CFLAGS=-DMSC_TEST test right ?
Can you send me your backtrace ?


On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 8:05 AM, Rainer Jung <rainer.jung@kippdata.de> wrote:
On 22.05.2013 10:22, Pavel Mateja wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've upgraded our debian servers from wheezy to squeeze and I can't pass "make
> test" of modsecurity any more:
> Loaded 8 tests from ./op/rx.t
>      1) op "rx": passed (Pattern match "" at UNIT_TEST.)
>      2) op "rx": passed
>      3) op "rx": passed (Pattern match "" at UNIT_TEST.)
>      4) op "rx": passed (Pattern match "abc" at UNIT_TEST.)
>      5) op "rx": passed (Pattern match "def" at UNIT_TEST.)
>      6) op "rx": passed (Pattern match "ghi" at UNIT_TEST.)
>      7) op "rx": passed
> ERROR: Failed to create rule for op "rx": Error creating rule: Error compiling
> pattern (offset 2): unrecognized character after (? or (?-
> Test exited with signal 11.
> Executed: ./msc_test "-t" "op" "-n" "rx" "-p"
> "(?^i:^([^=])\s*=\s*((?:abc)+(?:def|ghi){2})$)" "-D" "0" "-r" "1"
>      8) op "rx": failed
> Passed:  7; Failed:  1
> I've tried version 2.7.2 which passed test on old debian and latest 2.7.3.
> Both failed on the same place.
> Compilation parameters were:
> ./configure --prefix=/apache/modules/ --with-apxs=/apache/bin/apxs --with-
> apr=/apache/bin/apr-1-config --with-apu=/apache/bin/apu-1-config --enable-pcre-
> match-limit=50000 --enable-pcre-match-limit-recursion=10000 --disable-mlogc

Since it exits with signal 11 it might be related to this bug:


It was fixed in this commit


and should be part of 2.7.2 and later. Maybe the fix didn't catch all
similar situations?



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