Hello Luca,

Looks like comma is not allowed in cookie value. Do you have control of your application and maybe encode it ?
Maybe i need to add a new directive SecCookieV0Separator for this situations.

Could you send me send the cookie string ? I'd like to see.



On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 7:53 AM, Luca <superpizza@bigfoot.com> wrote:
Hi everyone.
I've got a problem with cookie separator logic.
It happens I'm receiving requests containing a cookie whose value
contains a comma character ",".
ModSec splits then this cookie in two parts, ending the first one
just before the comma.
This means the second created cookie has a name created out of
the remaining part of the original cookie value...
Unfortunately I don't have any control on how these cookies are created.
I tried setting SecCookieFormat to "1", still no difference in ModSec behavior.
Any suggestion to avoid this problem?

Here's my configuration.
ModSec 2.7.2
CoreRules: 2.2.7
Linux RHEL 6, 32 Bit

Thanks, Luca

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