Hi Diego, 

Speaking about WAF-FLE, it is currently near to a new release (after many months of slow development :), many new features and improvements are comming in a couple of weeks. 
About the performance that you mentioned, which volume of events per day are you running? 

Best regards, 

Klaubert Herr
WAF-FLE Project

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:39 PM, diego subero <diego.subero@gmail.com> wrote:
good morning.

Writing to
an advice based on their experience Web consoles which have improved performance, support and upgrades, of which I have seen these:

WAF-FLE: it looks very good, friendly, but if not discontinued.
WeBekci: I think it is discontinued.
AuditConsole: I had problems with large volumes of log

which I recommend or know any better?

Greetings from Venezuela

Diego Subero

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