Repository used is here:

Then, we should downgrade and try to upgrade through centos repositories.

Thanks again.

2013/6/27 Reindl Harald <>

Am 27.06.2013 13:45, schrieb Jose Pablo Valcárcel Lázaro:
> I´m pretty sure option 3 is unlikely we will finish to do it because server has plesk control panel and it uses its
> own httpd packages so if we try to install from any other sources I´m sure there will be problems. The same for
> compiling ourselves

did you look from what software-repo you non-working mod-security came?
i bet you already did "if we try to install from any other sources"
or the plesk repo is full of crap if they build against a newer
Apache but do not release the httpd update at the same time

so you can only downgrade, figure out from what repo the
broken version comes and file a bugreport that the idiot
updateing mod_security has to update httpd too or at least
buzild mod_security against the in CentOS5 used httpd

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