Thanks again Rainer.

I´m pretty sure option 3 is unlikely we will finish to do it because server has plesk control panel and it uses its own httpd packages so if we try to install from any other sources I´m sure there will be problems. The same for compiling ourselves.

The only option I see is to install from centos repositories.

Thanks again for your help!!

2013/6/27 Rainer Jung <>
On 27.06.2013 12:45, Jose Pablo Valcárcel Lázaro wrote:
> "Solution: make build environment consistent with runtime environment."
> No, I really don´t understand what you wanted to say with it except to
> download from centos official repositories.

That is option 1. It could be though, that noon has already packaged
mod_security for CentOs 5 (I don't know).

Option 2 is building it yourself.

Option 3 is getting Apache itself from the same repository you got
mod_security from. There might be more incompatibilities with you CentOS
though, so Options 3 is the most fragile.

> My colleagues advice me about they have installed on a i386 but  actual
> server where does not work has a different apache version compare with
> the box where it works.

Such things are meant by the above "make consistent".



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