In line 23 on /etc/modsecurity/modsecurity_crs_15_pre_custom.conf there is a error with invalid regular expression.

If that number line is your new rule REQUEST FILENAME it seems that does not valid regular expression: ^/../login$

Here you can find a login block rule:

I donīt know  mod_security version of the post and version you are using.

Kind regards,

2013/10/30 Jan Phillip Greimann <>
Hi Josh,

I've got a second problem:

SecRule REQUEST_FILENAME "^/../login$"

is one of my rules. In my logic it should work, but I get the following

Syntax error on line 23 of
Error parsing actions: ModSecurity: Invalid regular expression
Action 'configtest' failed.
The Apache error log may have more information.

Where is the problem, in my opinion it's right. :-/

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