Working on setting modsecurity with nginx in a forward proxy configuration on a raspberry pi. 
I've got modsecurity building ok it seems. Have nginx building with out modsecurity ok.  But nginx will not link properly with modsecurity.

nginx 1.5.10
apache 2.2.26
modsecurity 2.7.7

Getting lots of messages like modsecurity-apache_2.7.7/nginx/modsecurity/apr_bucket_nginx.c:67: undefined reference to `apr_bucket_free'

nginx doesn't have a with-apr section in its configure script, so I figure this is referring to modsecurity's use of apr.

Also seems to be having trouble finding the libxml2 libraries.
Bunch of these messages too.
../modsecurity-apache_2.7.7/nginx/modsecurity/../../standalone/.libs/standalone.a(standalone_la-msc_crypt.o): In function `hash_response_body_links':
msc_crypt.c:(.text+0x17ec): undefined reference to `xmlXPathNewContext'
msc_crypt.c:(.text+0x184c): undefined reference to `xmlXPathEvalExpression'

Any guidance on getting this compiled correctly?