Hello George,

I had the same problem but could not find a solution. We had to abandon mlogc until it gets more stable.



On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 15:39, George Kobiashvili <gkobiashvili@napr.gov.ge> wrote:
Hi all

Sometimes webserver does not respond anymore. Everytime when I check it, there
is one mlogc process using 1 cpu by 100% and running forever. Apache is
completely blocked. When I kill the process everything is working normal
again. The last messages in the mlogc-error.log are these:

[Sat Feb 12 18:56:13 2011] [4] [23028/0] Queue locking thread mutex.
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:13 2011] [4] [23028/0] Worker creation started.
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:13 2011] [4] [23028/0] Destroying thread_pool.
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:15 2011] [5] [23028/6d7ee0] Management thread: Processing
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:15 2011] [4] [23028/6d7ee0] Management thread: Creating
worker thread to catch up with the queue.
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:15 2011] [4] [23028/0] Worker creation locking thread mutex.
[Sat Feb 12 18:56:15 2011] [4] [23028/0] Worker creation waiting on thread

This seems to be the known problem:

but i could not find solution.
Short description of my system:

mlogc -v
ModSecurity Log Collector (mlogc) v2.5.13
  APR: compiled="1.3.8"; loaded="1.3.8"
 PCRE: compiled="7.8"; loaded="7.8 2008-09-05"
 cURL: compiled="7.19.7"; loaded="libcurl/7.19.7 OpenSSL/0.9.8k zlib/

System:         ubuntu 10.04.2 lts x64
Apache:         2.2.14
Modsecurity:    2.5.13
Auditconsole:   0.4.2

if you experienced the same how did you solve it?

Best Regards
George Kobiashvili

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