While doing some testing (Aquentix scanner) I found those error in the  debug log:


[1] Failed to write to DBM file "/tmp//default_SESSION": No space left on device

[1] Failed deleting collection (name "SESSION", key "CC791FED480BCE6742BEA0BB65BDF625.uat_be-p02"): Internal error

[1] Failed deleting collection (name "SESSION", key "EFB48BA305B3614269ED724D1221BDB1.uat_be-s01"): Internal error


The root partition on that box is only 9% used and size of the partition is 67GB. But when I ls –lah the size of the file is 232GB ??


-rw-r-----  1 wwwrun  www    17M Sep 11 10:42 default_SESSION.dir

-rw-r-----  1 wwwrun  www   232G Sep 11 10:44 default_SESSION.pag


Now, I know that default for SecCollectionTimeout is 3600s, but is that timer from the creation of the session? We have tomcat’s at the backend and the session timeout is 30min, but it gets reset on the next subsequent transaction for that session.  So, not sure how to set this correctly.

Environment: Modsecurity is 2.6.7 and CRS is 2.5.5


Thanks in advance,