Hi Derek,

On Apr 4, 2014, at 1:33 PM, Derek Werthmuller <thewerthfam@gmail.com>

That utsname_autotools gave me the "msc_status_engine.c:137:26: error: storage size of 'u' isn't known
make[5]: *** [mod_security2_la-msc_status_engine.lo] Error 1
Error again.

Thanks for test.

Can you double check if you are really on the "utsname_autotools" branch? Can you try it in a fresh directory? 

It seems to me that this error is part of "master", as this line 137 is where this structure is used at the branch master. In utsname_autotools, if happens, it should be on line 140 (if i am not mistaken).

Can you double check that? Also, can you check if there is something similar to "#define HAVE_SYS_UTSNAME_H 1" in your config.log ?

Should I try the other fix version you setup?
Lets have this second chance on the branch: "msc_status_engine" first. I want to push this to master, but first i want to make sure that it is working for everybody.

Thanks for helping us to sort this out ;)

Felipe "Zimmerle" Costa
Security Researcher, SpiderLabs


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