Hi Ryan and Brian,

Thank you for taking the time to respond - especially on a Sunday! :)

Ryan - thank you for the link to "Rule Differences", very helpful, in fact it helped clarify the & operator for me - yay. It seems counting the headers also works for an empty header - at least in testing. I'll check into this some more.

Brian - thanks for pointing out the main config stuff - I need to pay more attention to getting the global configs set correctly.

It would seem ARGS needs the @rx operator set to work correctly OR I did not have the phase set correctly (I was trying several things at a time).

Nolog: I think I am cheating here but by using 2 different status codes and only logging one (SecAuditLogRelevantStatus) I can get exactly the behavior I desire.

If you have a moment a couple of quick questions...

* Would it be easier to just forget about setting each rules'  phase and just let mod_sec just figure it out?
* Is there a setting to have modsec only look at scripts and ignore html/images
* Is there a way to test rules in htaccess so I don't have to restart apache 100 times a day  :)

Oh, and in case no one said it recently, thank you for making modsec open source!


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