Hi Peter,

Really i dont know but maybe you can try it. in the past i used to mod_rewrite i had some problem with .htaccess.

<Directory /var/www/vhosts/host/httpdocs/>
     AllowOverride All

2007/7/26, Peter <peter@tux.hm>:
Am Donnerstag, den 26.07.2007, 03:06 -0700 schrieb Bunyamin DEMIR:
> Hi Peter,
> You can use .htaccess with 2.x. You have different problem.
> please you`d better sure that modsecurity is work fine.  Because when
> modsecurity works you can do it.
modsecurity2 is working fine, I have test it.
But my hosts cannot use .htaccess to disable mod-sec.

> Can i see your httpd.conf   (with modsecurity)?
No, it is a Pleskserver with over 300 vhosts.

What section do you exact need from apache2.conf, please?

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