Am 18.10.2013 09:15, schrieb DC:

I have (too) many Log-Entries from Rule-Id "981203" in the Webserver error.log.
Now, I would change/update the Action "log,noauditlog" from Rule-ID "981203" with SecRuleUpdateActionById.
I have appended the following Rule (in modsecurity_crs_60_ED_Rules.conf)
after the Original-Rule (in modsecurity_crs_60_correlation.conf)
but it doesn't work.

SecRuleUpdateActionById 981203 "chain,noauditlog,nolog,ctl:auditEngine=off"

Any idea ?


Ubuntu: 12.04
Apache2: 2.2.22
ModSecurity-Version:  2.7.5
Core-Rule-Version: 2.2.8

# Correlated Attack Attempt
    "chain,phase:5,id:'981203',t:none,log,noauditlog,pass,skipAfter:END_CORRELATION,msg:'Inbound Anomaly Score (Total Inbound Score: %{TX.INBOUND_ANOMALY_SCORE}, SQLi=%{TX.SQL_INJECTION_SCORE}, XSS=%{TX.XSS_SCORE}): %{tx.inbound_tx_msg}'"
        SecRule TX:INBOUND_ANOMALY_SCORE "@lt %{tx.inbound_anomaly_score_level}"

# modsecurity_crs_60_correlation.conf"] [line "33"] [id "981203"] [msg "Inbound Anomaly Score (Total Inbound Score: 3, SQLi=0, XSS=0):
# Avoid Logging to the  error.log 
# Note : If the target rule is a chained rule, you must currently specify
#        chain in the SecRuleUpdateActionById action list as well.
#        This will be fixed in a future version.
SecRuleUpdateActionById 981203 "chain,noauditlog,nolog,ctl:auditEngine=off"

[Thu Oct 17 13:21:46 2013] [error] [client] ModSecurity: Warning. Operator LT matched 5 at TX:inbound_anomaly_score. [file "/etc/apache2/modsecurity/rules-enabled/modsecurity_crs_60_correlation.conf"] [line "33"] [id "981203"] [msg "Inbound Anomaly Score (Total Inbound Score: 3, SQLi=0, XSS=0): Common SPAM/Email Harvester crawler"] [hostname "xxx.xxxxxxx.xx"] [uri "/menu/NBMAAJvP_W11WnN6TnpzZkJDDAA"] [unique_id "Ul-IStRZk3EAAEd9EDQAAAAE"]

NO entries found with/for "SecRuleUpdateActionById"
# grep -i SecRuleUpdateActionById modsec_debug.log

# grep Debug /etc/apache2/modsecurity/rules-enabled/modsecurity_crs_11_ED_config.conf
# -- Debug log configuration -------------------------------------------------
SecDebugLog            /var/log/apache2/security/modsec_debug.log
SecDebugLogLevel       10

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