Hi Christian,

    I just noticed your email address, thank you for all your work on Audit Console!  It has made working with Modsecurity an exceptional experience.

    I ended up installing libcurl4-openssl-dev with aptitude which auto-magically removes the gnutls version.  I re-compiled modsecurity and noticed during the  ./configure :

checking if libcurl is at least v... yes, 7.19.7
checking if libcurl is linked with gnutls... no
configure: using curl v7.19.7

    Many thanks again,


Jeremy Brock

Xtreme Services, LLC
On 2/7/2013 8:09 AM, Christian Bockermann wrote:
Hi Jeremy!

Am 07.02.2013 um 17:03 schrieb Jeremy Brock <jbrock@xtremeservices.net>:
    I am sending the logs to the latest Audit Console running on Ubuntu 
10.04 server.
That makes me happy :-D

    Is recompiling mlogc with openssl as simple as removing 
curl-gnutls, installing curl-openssl and re-running the ./configure; 
make; make install for modsecurity?
Yes, that should do the trick. The output of ./configure should tell you
which ssl-implementation has been linked in.
There *might* be an option for configure to enforce ssl-linkage without
the need to uninstall curl-gnutls (hopefully).