I would suggest that you download the ModSecurity 2.5.x code and start playing with it as there are many significant enhancements for not only performance (set-based matching with @pm vs. using regular expressions) but also many new variables - http://www.modsecurity.org/blog/archives/2007/12/initial_release.html


You could use the current Core Rules as a base to start from and then alter it with the new 2.5 enhancements.


I will be doing a Blog post today showing one example of this.


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Good day to you all
I sent the following message to the user list last week but i have had no response to date. Please assist with relevant info or direction that may be useful in this kind of study.

I am an MSc student in e-business centered computing. I would like to focus my research on optimizing the core rule set of ModSecurity so that if possible, a fewer rules are used to achieve the same and improve performance of the filtering process in the end. To this end I request your help as much as possible on information or indeed any data that may be helpful for the success of my project.

I have installed Apache2.x and downloaded the modsec 2.x rule set for my study.

Thank you very much in advance

Your contributions are highly appreciated

OM Raesima