hi ryan,

i'm running opensuse 12.1 with apache 2.2.21

On 3/19/2012 17:48, Ryan Barnett wrote:
What OS platform are you running?  I don't get any errors.  Does anyone
else get this error?


On 3/19/12 9:06 AM, "Administrator Beckspaced.com" <admin@beckspaced.com>

hello there ;-)

just installed the most recent mod_security 2.6.4 with core rule set
2.2.4 on a opensuse 12.1 box

all is fine so far, except modsecurity_crs_41_sql_injection_attacks.conf
throws an error

Syntax error on line 131 of
Error creating rule: Error compiling pattern (offset 44): POSIX
collating elements are not supported

[Mon Mar 19 13:57:00 2012] [notice] ModSecurity for Apache/2.6.4
(http://www.modsecurity.org/) configured.
[Mon Mar 19 13:57:00 2012] [notice] ModSecurity: APR compiled
version="1.4.5"; loaded version="1.4.5"
[Mon Mar 19 13:57:00 2012] [notice] ModSecurity: PCRE compiled
version="8.13"; loaded version="8.13 2011-08-16"
[Mon Mar 19 13:57:00 2012] [notice] ModSecurity: LIBXML compiled

what should i do to fix this error?

thanks & all the best

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