Caplan, Michael wrote:

To follow up on my previous email, I think I have worked out two of my issues.  For what it’s worth, I’m posting my resolution below:



Outbound filtering



[Caplan, Michael]


I guess I’m a dough head and didn’t properly refresh my apache configuration before testing.  It appears to be working correctly….





[Caplan, Michael]


FilterDeclare modsec CONTENT_SET

FilterProvider modsec modsecurity_out env=modsec-ignore !=1

FilterDeclare compress CONTENT_SET

FilterProvider compress DEFLATE Content-Type /^text.html|text.plain|text.xml|application.javascript|text.css/

FilterProtocol compress change=yes

FilterChain modsec compress



Seems to have done the trick.  Very nice.  Thanks to Brian Rectanus for this gem!

What order are you loading mod_deflate and mod_security2.  I've never had to do this in embedded mode - only in reverse proxy mode.



Still no luck on mlogc….

Take a look at this and see if it describes your issues as well:

I have yet to be able to duplicate this and would love it if we could get this problem resolved.  Please write up any comments there.








Thank you,

Brian Rectanus
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