Ryan Barnett wrote:

What do you mean by “collect concurrent logs from a given path”?  Are you referring to how to send concurrent audit log data from ModSecurity hosts to the central Console host?

Hi Ryan, I dont know if you understood it, the console on the localhost of the server does not collect any of the mod security logs this is on all servers i have tried it on. There is definately logs in there though, tonnes of false positives which is why i need this up and running so i can fix it all up.

So basically console runs fine, but cannot load any transactions or any data at all and there is no documentation of what to do next.

I setup some sensor if thats what it needs and selected apache in the pulldown i use apache 2.0.59 and mod sec 2, the interesting thing is in the server-info section it does not display the set configs for mod security could this be the issue , is that how it knows where to get the logs ie i have them being stored on our development machine /var/log/apache2/modsec/console/



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Hi ive asked here quite a few times already, i cant work out how to get the console to collect the concurrent logs from a given path. The console is blank its not collecting and transactions at all, any ideas what do i need to do as there is no log path setting.

Let me know thanks.