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I have moved /nfs into /chroot/apache2 and I have tried to make a link inside of the chroot (ln -s /chroot/apache2/nfs/www /chroot/apache2/var/www). Symbolic link not works correctly, but I have modified VirtualHost configuration to point to /chroot/apache2/nfs/www directly and works fine.

You have to keep in mind that Apache can only look into the chroot.

So when you make a symlink to /chroot/apache2/nfs/www, Apache will look up that path in the chroot, so in *reality* it will end up at the real path /chroot/apache2/chroot/apache2/nfs/www.

I like personally to always set up chroots like this:
cd /chroot/apache2
mkdir chroot
cd chroot
ln -s .. apache2

The advantage of creating such a construction is that a pathname like /chroot/apache2/foo will always be valid for processes inside and outside the chroot. It allows you to easily switch the chroot on and off without having to change application paths.

Maybe I should write a tutorial on this some time...

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