I would also add "t:lowercase" to your rule, so that Hello or hello or hEllo .. can be intercepted as well:

SecRule QUERY_STRING "@rx ^(hello|how|are)" "phase:2,t:none,t:lowercase,block,id:'1',msg:'SLR: ',logdata:'%{matched_var}',severity:'2',tag:'WEB',tag:'111',tag:'test'"


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Remove the "chain" action. That is only needed if you are joining multiple rules together. 

Ryan Barnett

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On Dec 16, 2013, at 5:07 AM, "Yogesh patel" <yogeshpateldaiict@gmail.com> wrote:


I have one rule stated below which will check query string contains hello or how or are , if it then it block that request.

SecRule QUERY_STRING "@rx ^(hello|how|are):" "chain,phase:2,t:none,block,id:'1',msg:'SLR: ',logdata:'%{matched_var}',severity:'2',tag:'WEB',tag:'111',tag:'test'"

Is above rule fine?  Its not working. It does not block the request having "http://xxx.com/hello=how".



Yogesh Patel

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