Ivan Ristic <ivan.ristic@gmail.com> wrote:

So not only is ModSecurity for Apache going to remain an open source
product, but a large amount of resources is going to be invested into
it to make sure the community is supported and the development

For me, these events are a culmination of my efforts to make web
application firewalls available to everyone. It was a joint effort;
none of this would have happened without the strong support from the

Congratulations Ivan. WAF for everyone is indeed a lofty goal. BSD and apache are great models for community projects, they survived beyond corporate mergers. For instance sun discontinued BSD unix, but it thrived in the open source community.
What happens if community wants to contribute a tool to make mod-security better,  but it is in conflict with corporate profit interests, it could be simply rejected. Are you planning to contribute any previous versions to apache foundation so that it can thrive in the open source community, with out any corporate interference.
Thanks for what you have done so far.