In continuatin of this discussion.
We are using customlog which is a singleline log, does syslog directive work in mod-security configuration file, as indicated below.
SecCustomLog  formatString syslog:remote-host
Thanks in advance,

Ivan Ristic <> wrote:
On 7/12/06, Johnny GoLightly wrote:
> Hi,
> Our Apache Log syntax is
> ErrorLog Syslog:local7
> Can we have the modsecurity directive for logging be the following or
> similar?
> SecAuditLog Syslog:local6
> In this way we can log locally and to a remote syslog?

No, not really. Syslog is line oriented but the ModSecurity audit log
spans multiple lines (and it is binary).

Included with ModSecurity Console is a Perl script that uses piped
logging to connect to ModSecurity and transmits the audit log entry to
a central logging host. Feel free to use it if you wish (it's not an
official part of the console).

Ivan Ristic, Technical Director
Thinking Stone,
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