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From: Lestat Lincourt <lestat.df@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/24
Subject: Re: [mod-security-users] rule for specific request only
To: admin@beckspaced.com

You can try:
SecRule REQUEST_URI "modulo.php\?mod=guestbook$"
2008/11/22 Administrator Beckspaced.com <admin@beckspaced.com>

dear all,

i enabled the comment spam rules modsecurity_crs_42_comment_spam.conf
with mod_security 2.5.x
but this rule also catches false positives in other applications!
so i would like to restrict these comment spam rules only to specific
requests ...

let's say the guestbook has the request of -> module.php?mod=guestbook

how can i restrict the comment spam rules to a specific request only?
i thought of a chain rule with REQUEST_URI 'mod=guestbook' ... etc ...
but it only gives me errors as i don't understand the syntax and
documentation is also hard to find ;-(

i got it worked with earlier mod_security version but since 2.x.x the
rule syntax changed quite a bit so i might need your help ;-)

thanks & looking forward to your reply


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