I'm just a community volunteer user, so what follows are strictly my own opinions.

I won't lecture you on Apache 1.3x or using older versions of mod_security if you want to maintain your legacy web server platform for a legitimate reason (a number of Apache 1.x modules probably won't be ported to Apache 2.x), but you're probably not doing enough keep current for the sake of securing your platform.

I will, however, warn you that it's probably extremely hard for the community to support your configuration if it's not up to date. Let's see if anyone else can help, but your expectations should be low.

Finally, to give you a somewhat related data point: I have had no issues compiling mod_security 2.x with Apache 2.2.x on ia64 and x86 hardware platforms with 64bit versions of SuSE 10 and 11 over the past year.

Cheers, I hope this helps you advance your situation.

Mark Lavi, Web/Surf Team @ Silicon Graphics Int'l.
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Apache 1 is still extremely popular.

A recent compile attempt of mod_security.c on a CentOS 5.4 64-bit failed to
compile with a number of errors.

Does mod_security 1.9.5 work with 64-bit unix?

If not, can it be adjusted to work with 64-bit versions of already supported
operating systems?

Thank you.

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