We are pleased to announce ModSecurity release 2.7.6. Besides the bug fixes this release also includes modification on the build system that counts on QA mechanisms such as coding style checker and static analysis. All ports and all platforms had some changes that may reduce the possibility of errors while trying to compile the project. Regression tests and unit tests are now more independent of platform or utilities versions. There is a new installer for MS Windows. Libinjection was updated. For further information on the changes, please check the release notes. For more information about the fixed bugs or to report a new one, have a look at our Issues on GitHub.

It is also a pleasure to announce that we now have a Buildbot to help us to control the quality of our code/releases. For each build, the Buildbots are building the code,  checking coding style and doing a static analysis. Unit tests and regression tests are also performed. Compilation warnings are been monitored on our different ports/platforms. To follow up our builds, have a visit at: http://www.modsecurity.org/developers/buildbot

All releases that were archived as Branches on our git are now archived as Tags, not appearing on the Branch list anymore, but still available under Tags. New features now will be placed under specific branches, for continuous testing until the stability is ensured and then merge at branch master to be released. 

Felipe "Zimmerle" Costa
Lead Developer for ModSecurity, SpiderLabs
m: +55 81 8706.5547

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