I'm not sure I follow.


The free version of the console has only one user "admin". The default password is also "admin" and since the value in the config file is encrypted, it is not trivial to change it using the configuration file.


~ Ofer


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hi, i have it installed on my osx machine for testing, there is only a password setting , no username and i cant login. Where is the docs for this ?

i tried adding a username field in the config with no luck :\

<Source console com.thinkingstone.console.ConsoleComponent>
        Property password ""
        Property username "admin"
        Property protocol "http"
        Property emailReportMaximalStaleSeverity "0"
        Property emailReportHostname "auth.smtp.example.com"
        Property emailReportSendNoNewAlerts "true"
        Property emailReportEmailSender "console@example.com"
        Property emailReportSendNoAlert "true"
        Property emailReportPassword ""
        Property keystore "keystore"
        Property staleAlertInterval "86400"
        Property emailReportSend "false"
        Property port "8886"
        Property emailReportSendSeverity "7"
        Property emailReportEmailSubject "Console Report"
        Property keypassword "password"
        Property emailReportInterval "15"
        Property emailReportSSL "false"
        Property emailReportUsername ""
        Property emailReportPort "25"
        Property relevantTransactionsKeepDays "365"
        Property nonRelevantTransactionsKeepDays "365"
        Property emailReportTemplate "email-report-template"
        Property emailReportEmailRecipients "console@example.com"
        Property jdbcUri "jdbc:apache:commons:dbcp:connectionPool"

        ScheduleMethod "*/10" "archiveStaleNonStarredAlerts 86400"
        ScheduleMethod "*/1" "archiveStatistics"
        ScheduleMethod "*/1 * * *" "createReport html"
        ScheduleMethod "0 6 * * *" "deleteTransactions"
        ScheduleMethod "0 7 * * *" "createScheduledReports"