Dear Ryan,


thank you for your reply. But how come if I have mod-Security turned off, it all works perfectly?





Von: Ryan Barnett []
Gesendet: Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2006 18:16
An: Mathias Gisch
Betreff: Re: [mod-security-users] mod_security mod_rewrite Problem


I understand the problem - when your mod_rewrite rule triggers, the browser changes the request method from POST to GET since your rewrite rule is sending a redirect to the browser.  You should try and update your rule so that it does NOT use an absolute URL or try and use the Proxy action [P] in mod_rewrite to get the client to the right file (as the proxy action would maintain the request method).


This has nothing to do with modsecurity.


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On 10/29/06, Mathias Gisch <> wrote:

Hi everybody,


I am using mod_security for the first time. However, I have the following problem in combination with mod_rewrite:


I have a form which posts data via the POST-Method to signup.html. The rewrite enigne rewrites signup.html to index.php?op=news&do=signup. The problem now is that after the rewrite the POST-Data won't arrive at the php script. If i have my form post directly to index.php?op=news&do=signup it works perfectly.


I would aprreciate any help.


Best regards,



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