Request throttling mod_qos 10.16

  • codevally

    codevally - 2013-08-14


    Currently I am using mod_qos 10.16 with Apache 2.2.21 version.

    My mod_QOS configs are as below.

    QS_LocRequestLimit /wsdl/getCapMessages 3
    QS_LocRequestPerSecLimit /wsdl/getCapMessages 3
    QS_LimitRequestBody 5120
    QS_ErrorResponseCode 426

    According to the above configs, I want to limit the number of requests per second to 3. And the rest want to denied straightway (no need to add a delay).

    But when I start my testing, I saw that the request per second (current) is having more than 3 request (sometimes it is 4, 7). Could you please let me know why is that?

    Also in apache server-status page, I can see it taking more than 3 request per second. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

    Please check the attached images.



    Last edit: codevally 2013-08-14
  • Pascal Buchbinder

    QS_LocRequestPerSecLimit tries to limit the number of requests by adding a delay to each request (closed loop control algorithm calculates a delay time). Therefore, it can be possible that the limitation can't be enforced accurately, e.g., the limitation is defined too low (only 3 requests per second is very very low), clients do vary their behaviour to fast, or the downloaded files are too small (delay takes only very little effect).

  • codevally

    codevally - 2013-08-16

    Thanks for the response. Is there anyway to reject (deny) the requests if they exceed the per second limit. At the moment I think it throttle by adding the delay to requests.

    But I just want to deny the requests straightway, if they exceed the per second limit. Is this possible?

    Many thanks.


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