Is there a QS_LocRequestLimit for KB and sec?

  • Trevor Hartley

    Trevor Hartley - 2012-02-02

    Was just wondering if there's a QS_LocRequestLimitDefault for the KB and per-second as the only ones I can find either require a regular expression (the QS_LocRequestPerSecLimitMatch) or a fixed URL (QS_LocRequestPerSecLimit).

    Will probably have a few more questions soon as slowly getting to grips with this mod. :)


  • Pascal Buchbinder

    "QS_LocRequestLimitDefault <num>" is the same as "QS_LocRequestLimit / <num>".

    So you may define "QS_LocRequestPerSecLimit / <num>" and "QS_LocKBytesPerSecLimit / <num>" as the corresponding default rules.


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