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mod_pubsub Swik page is down for the time being because we got h4x0r3d. We'll bring it back up soon.

Meanwhile, I wanted to provide a link to our Swik page:

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2007-01-23

mod_pubsub release 0.994 is available

This tarball includes some minor bug fixes, but the major change for this distribution is that files now include a wording change to clarify that the standard BSD license is how KnowNow intended to license Mod-PubSub all along.

All KnowNow copyrights have been stretched to 2004 as a side-effect of this change.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2004-04-21

mod_pubsub release 0.993 has been updated

Note: I noticed a corrupted file in the 0.993 tarball so I re-released the tarball (with datestamp 10-31) for download at:

We put together this tarball to include several
recent patches to parts of the distribution, and
add a useful app for webdevs, including:

A. Joyce's addition of topicsubtool.php found in
the directory mod_pubsub/webdev_toolkit .... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-10-23

Wiki for mod_pubsub

Watch it grow with new information as we learn things from development, deployment, and maintenance experiences:

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-09-16

mod_pubsub release 0.992 is available

We put together this tarball to include several
recent patches to parts of the distribution, and
add some prototype apps, including

1. Joyce's fix to the top-level index.html and
her fixes to kn_docs/faq.html .

2. Patches and additions to cxx_pubsub/LibKN/ .

3. Jeff's perftest framework, added to
java_pubsub/apps/perftest_framework/ .
Note this needs porting to Mike and Robert's
Java pubsub client library.... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-08-19

FAQ Updated

Thanks to Joyce for continuing to make the FAQ better and better...

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-08-14

Towards Semi-Permeable Blogging

We've been talking about semipermeable blogging for a little while, and Joyce's paper on the topic is finally done.

It deals with the issues that we're designing towards, to make sure we're all on the same page; there will be a design doc for a mod-pubsub enabled weblog later. We'd love comments and suggestions.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-08-08

mod_pubsub release 0.991 is available

Download v0.991 of mod_pubsub at:

This release includes lots of patches and some additions to kn_apps and js_apps. Basically, we've worked on patching the JavaScript PubSub client libraries and on adding a few more samples with this release.

More to come soon...

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-08-02

mod_pubsub release 0.99 is available

Download v0.99 of mod_pubsub at:

We put together this tarball to include several recent patches to the core infrastructure. This release includes:

1. python_pubsub/ patches: now works on Python 2.1+ on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X

2. python_pubsub/apps/ is a command-line app that listens to blogchatter by default or any server/topic ... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-07-22

mod_pubsub release 0.98 is available

Download the tarball from:

This release includes code patches and documentation updates.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-07-18

blogchatter gets a new look

very nicely documented, too -- check it out:

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-06-24

mod_pubsub release 0.97 is available

Download v0.97 of mod_pubsub at:

In this tarball we...

Folded in a bunch of patches to the Python PubSub Server. Now it works with Python 1.5 and above.


Updated the look-n-feel of the FAQ and the top level index.html to be consistent with the style of

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-06-21

mod_pubsub evolves blog

New look-n-feel, courtesy of Joyce n Scott...

Little gems get added everyday...

See you in blogspace...

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-06-17

mod_pubsub release 0.96 is available

Download v0.96 of mod_pubsub at:

We put together this tarball to include several
recent patches to the PubSub Servers and
documentation. This release includes:

1. Joyce's fix to kn_expires in so it is self-cleaning.
2. Jos's FlashTunnel class addition to so it
supports kn_response_format=flash .
3. Robert's fix to the Java client library.
4. Simplified top-level index.html, moving the old top-level
index.html to the top-level inventory.html .
5. Links to the mod_pubsub weblog and the blogchatter
application from kn_docs/faq.html .

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-06-07

mod_pubsub adds blog

Little gems get added everyday...

See you in blogspace...

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-06-03

mod_pubsub release 0.95 is available

Download v0.95 of mod_pubsub at:

We put together this tarball to include several
recent patches to the PubSub Servers and

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-05-24

mod_pubsub release 0.94 is available

Download it from

New features-n-fixes:

1. Lots of patches to python_pubsub, php_pubsub, and kn_tools.

2. Improved kn_docs documentation.

3. Added command-line arguments for cross-domain setup and verbose mode to the Python PubSub Server.

4. Added our first logo -- however primitive -- and updated the FAQ.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-05-10

mod_pubsub release 0.93 is available

Download page:

Feature highlights:

1. Cross-domain support in the Perl PubSub Server and Python PubSub Server.

These include Robert's patches to cross-domain support, which are now
accessible as a python_pubsub/ command line argument. He also
included a test harness in python_pubsub/ . More than
one person has commented that thanks to Robert's suggestions and efforts,
"mod_pubsub is finally usable"... :)... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-04-29

mod_pubsub release 0.92 is available

Fixes some bugs in the JavaScript pubsub library, and adds some JavaScript libraries for event collections and event classes.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-04-23

mod_pubsub release 0.91 is available

I checked in a JavaScript object serializer into


This complements the other JavaScript tools included in the distribution:

JavaScript compressor -- mod_pubsub/kn_tools/
JavaScript localizer -- mod_pubsub/kn_tools/
JavaScript character set browser -- mod_pubsub/kn_tools/charat/
Some useful JavaScript bookmarklets -- mod_pubsub/kn_tools/bookmarklets.html
JavaScript tunnel monitor -- mod_pubsub/kn_apps/kn_lib/tunnelmonitor/ ... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-04-03

mod_pubsub release 0.9 is available

mod_pubsub/index.html and mod_pubsub/kn_apps/index.html have been modified
to reflect these new additions and modifications

1. mod_pubsub/cgi-bin/PubSub/

A bug in was fixed; we now allow server URI's to end in "/".
The server logic was moved out of pubsub.cgi and into
The Perl PubSub library is one step closer to being CPAN-able.
We also set up a pointer to the Perl PubSub library from... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-03-22

mod_pubsub release 0.8 is available

We now have seven PubSub Client Libraries, which we nicknamed after dwarves:

1. c_pubsub/libkn: "grumpy" (C)
single-threaded, partially non-blocking [tunnel non-blocking, other requests block]

2. cxx_pubsub/LibKN: "happy" (C++/COM/ActiveX/.NET/PocketPC)
multi-threaded, blocking

3. cgi-bin/PubSub: "dopey" (Perl)
single-threaded, partially non-blocking [tunnel non-blocking, other requests block]... read more

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-03-15

mod_pubsub release 0.7 is available

Changes include:
1. Bug fixes, additions, and reorganization to cxx_pubsub.
2. Cleanup of c_pubsub.
3. New kn_apps: connect4, reversi, topics, tree.
4. New kn_tools:
5. New kn_sense:
6. New python_pubsub:


Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-03-08

mod_pubsub release 0.6 -- 2003-02-22

1. Added python_pubsub client library.
2. Fixed bug in pubsub.cgi that allows relative pathnames.
3. Added some command-line kn_tools: list_events.plx, list_subtopics.plx, and list_routes.plx.
4. Modified sitewatch application to use new python_pubsub client.

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-02-22

Release 0.5 is out.


1. Made /kn style work with all of the kn_apps
2. Added "sitewatch" application in kn_apps, including sensor
3. Some smaller modifications

Posted by Adam Rifkin 2003-02-10

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