System keeps locking..

  • David van der Bokke

    Now that the driver works.. my system keeps hard locking.  I actually had the mouse cursor moving a little bit.. but then it locked up.  Is there anything I should be looking for?  This is Fedora Core 6 with a dkms built lirc 0.8.2 for fc6.

    Any help or direction would be appreciated..

    • David van der Bokke

      This happens with mod_mce also.  It seems to be OK until I use an IR device.  This is kernel 2.6.20.

      • Anonymous - 2007-05-19

        Sorry, there is no solution for lirc 0.8.2 yet and I honestly don't know when I will find the time for that.

        Regarding your locking problem: Are you sure that you use the latest version of mod_mce or lirc_mod_mce? (Check your syslog output).

    • David van der Bokke

      One more update.. I fresh installed Fedora Core 6 on my laptop(different system altogether).. Using default stuff and Kernel 2.6.18 from the CD.. I installed lirc_mod_mce and it locks up immediately after the IR receiver gets its first signal from a remote.


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