#1 win32 binary


well... due to my lack of c++ knowledge let me kindly
ask if there will be also a win32 binary available of the
recent and further releases


  • Christian Kruse

    Christian Kruse - 2002-09-19
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  • Christian Kruse

    Christian Kruse - 2002-09-19

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    Of course, but we needed a little time to find someone
    making the binaries :)

  • Michael Schröpl

    • status: closed --> pending
  • Michael Schröpl

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    Yes, there will be one.

    I already have mod_gzip running on Windows NT, but there is an open issue about properly compiling the
    module so that it may be used together with any other 3rd party module.

    Currently it looks like the normal way to compile an Apache for Windows is done by using Microsoft Virtual C 6.0
    (for which the Apache source for windows contains the appropriate project files), but the descriptions how to link
    these modules seems to require an unique load point within the address space for every module (at least all the
    standard Apache modules do contain such unique load points, or else you receive a linker warning by Apache. But
    at the moment I am not sure how one could ever create such an unique load point without knowing the load points
    of each and every existing Apache 3rd party module in this world ...

  • Michael Schröpl

    • status: pending --> closed
  • Michael Schröpl

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    Addition to my previous note:

    The current Win32 download DLL is okay.
    The issue about the load point is only a performance tuning aspect - if the DLL is compiled as to be loaded to
    some unique load point within the address space then the linker can already do all the address resolving at
    compile time, and thus speed up the later load process. But the dynamic module loader will double-check whether
    the load address is really unique, and if not, then do the address resolving at load time.

    So if load points of Apache modules under Win32 would be non-unique, this would be a matter of some additional
    milliseconds at Apache startup time.


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