mod_Gzip will not compress

Mark Evans
  • Mark Evans

    Mark Evans - 2003-10-10

    i have installed mod_gzip and mod_proxy. both or loading dynamically. mod_gzip is the last to be loaded. when i try it i this is what i get in my log.
    "GET\*1 HTTP/1.0" 200 43 mod_gzip: - In:- -< Out:- = - pct."  The in and out stats are blank.

    This is my config for mod_gzip:
      <IfModule mod_gzip.c>
      mod_gzip_can_negotiate        Yes
      mod_gzip_static_suffix        .gz
      AddEncoding              gzip .gz
      mod_gzip_update_static        No
      mod_gzip_command_version      '/mod_gzip_status'
      mod_gzip_keep_workfiles       No
      mod_gzip_minimum_file_size    500
      mod_gzip_maximum_file_size    500000
      mod_gzip_maximum_inmem_size   60000
      mod_gzip_min_http             1000
      mod_gzip_item_include         handler    proxy-server
      mod_gzip_handle_methods        GET POST
      mod_gzip_item_exclude         reqheader  "User-agent: Mozilla/4.0[678]"
      mod_gzip_item_include         file       \.html$
      mod_gzip_item_exclude         file       \.js$
      mod_gzip_item_exclude         file       \.css$
      mod_gzip_item_include         file       \.pl$
      mod_gzip_item_include         handler    ^cgi-script$
      mod_gzip_item_include         mime       ^text/html$
      mod_gzip_item_include         mime       ^text/plain$
      mod_gzip_item_include         mime       ^httpd/unix-directory$
      mod_gzip_item_exclude         mime       ^image/
      mod_gzip_dechunk              Yes
      LogFormat                     "%h %l %u %t \&quot;%V %r\&quot; %<s %b mod_gzip: %{mod_gzip_result}n In:%{mod_gzip_input_size}n -< Out:%{mod$
      CustomLog                     logs/mod_gzip.log common_with_mod_gzip_info2
      mod_gzip_add_header_count     Yes
      mod_gzip_send_vary            On

    would anyone have any ideas on what i am leaving out?

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-17

      Hi All,
        I would like to get the details of mod_gzip module. Please tell me from where I can get the details like installation and configuration of this module with IBM Http server(Apache server)


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