Jim Kane - 2003-09-05

I recently installed mod_gzip onto our web servers running Apache 1.3.28.  After reading through some of the docs, I have gotten it running and it seems to be working well (the load has shot up on our web servers).  My question relates to pre-compressing files.  We have a particular HTML file that is retrieved quite a bit, so I'd like to pre-compress it.  The problem is that it is index.html, so most people will access it via http://www.foo.com/ rather than http://www.foo.com/index.html.  From what I have seen in the logs, this fakes out mod_gzip so it compresses the file on the fly.  :-(  I tried making a file called '.gz' but it did not appear to work (the log indicated that the file was still being compressed on the fly).  Has anyone solved this puzzle?