Anonymous - 2003-04-29

I have dynamically loaded mod_gzip into apache 1.3.27 and it looks to work perfect, ie using link I can clearly see the headers are ok, and the content is compressed just cool, however the log file is empty.

configuration for log file remained as suggested:

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Extended log format (for testing the compression effect)
LogFormat                     "%h %l %u %t \&quot;%V %r\&quot; %<s %b mod_gzip: %{mod_gzip_result}n In:%{mod_gzip_input_size}n -< Out:%{mod_gzip_output_size}n = %{mod_gzip_compression_ratio}n pct." common_with_mod_gzip_info2

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Create additional log file
CustomLog                     logs/mod_gzip.log common_with_mod_gzip_info2

Any help would be appreciated :)