mod_gzip ( and VHosts

  • Gregor Kuhlmann

    Gregor Kuhlmann - 2003-04-01

    I just compiled and configured the latest mod_gzip version, enabled it in the global server context, but compression isn't applied in all my <VirtualHosts>. Are there any interdependencies with other modules that I should be aware of? Apart from mod_perl and mod_php4 I'm using mod_throttle.

    • Gregor Kuhlmann

      Gregor Kuhlmann - 2003-04-01

      Two important things I forgot to mention:
      a) <Virtual Hostname>/mod_gzip_status works and reports mod_gzip running and enabled
      b) no error messages for the domains are written into the logs, so it probably has nothing to do with the HTTP requests as such.

    • Anonymous - 2003-04-17

      Compression is probably working fine... what is likely happening is that you forgot that if you have any CustomLog entries in the vhost, it will override the global log.  If you want to see compression stats for vhosts, you need to copy the CustomLog statement to each vhost definition.

      Good luck.

    • Anonymous - 2003-04-29


      I also have same problem bothering me for a week.

      I surely copy CustomLog statement to each Vhost definition and enable mod_gzip in the global server area, but CustomLog info are as follows, - - [29/Apr/2003:23:40:08 +0800] " GET /liwen/ HTTP/1.1"
      200 572 mod_gzip: RECOVERY In:0 -< Out:0 = 0 pct. - - [29/Apr/2003:23:40:09 +0800] " GET /liwen/left.htm H
      TTP/1.1" 200 942 mod_gzip: RECOVERY In:0 -< Out:0 = 0 pct. - - [29/Apr/2003:23:40:10 +0800] " GET /liwen/
      m HTTP/1.1" 200 4142 mod_gzip: RECOVERY In:0 -< Out:0 = 0 pct.

      From above, it seems mod_gzip doesn't work ! Could you give me any help or hint ?  Thanks in advance.




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