• David Dyer-Bennet

    When I install the linux .so file of and start running it with my Rechat 7.2 Apache, I get an error in my log file that mod_gzip should be built with EAPI, and running the current setup could cause crashes.

    So I grab the source, edit the makefile to add -DEAPI to the apxs calls, make, make install.

    Seems fine, until I do anything that runs it, at which point I get apache children dying on bus errors.

    So what's the deal?

    • Guenter Knauf

      Guenter Knauf - 2002-12-29

      the deal is very easy; I've just submitted a patch for solving this problem; look at the patches tab...


    • David Dyer-Bennet

      Hey, thanks! I just didn't know enough to dive in and try to figure this out from scratch (in finite time). Greatly appreciate your help, and will try the patch later today.

    • David Dyer-Bennet

      The patch works.  Thanks!

      Um, actually the patch fails on line 4, when I try to apply it, but I can't for the life of me actually find anything wrong.  I applied it manually, and it works fine.  I probably had some kind of problem when I cut-and-pasted the patch.

    • Guenter Knauf

      Guenter Knauf - 2002-12-30

      thanks for confirming the patch (I didnt test self).
      The problems you had with the path might be as you assumed; 'patch' on Unix doesnt like crlf line endings...; you can try with 'dos2unix'...


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