Logfile: NO_ACCEPT_ENCODING vs. Mozilla/IE6

  • Nero Basler

    Nero Basler - 2003-03-04

    Hi there,

    in my apache logfile (as suggested by the german docs) I only get entries with
    and in apache-ssl in addition to that:

    although I'm using Mozilla 1.2/IE6 which are *both* capable of sending the needed HTTP-header "Accept-Encoding" (and they do send them, I figured... no Proxy/firewall in between...)

    I'm using libapache-mod-gzip/stable_1.3.19.1a-5 from the Debian distribution with Apache 1.3.26.

    What could be wrong here?

    [no, I didn't want to invest a lot more time in compiling the .so myself (would need to get apxs which needs a newer libc...)]

    Thanks for any help!

    • C.S. Chen

      C.S. Chen - 2003-05-02

      The latest release of mod_gzip is 1.3.26, so it should be a good idea to try this new version out. You can download from the "File" link above this message.


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