Mockrunner 0.3.6 released

This release contains the first version of the new JCA test framework developed by Gbor Liptk. The framework can be used simulate backend systems that are accessed through a JCA connector, e.g. mainframes.

Other changes include:

- The mock object factories now use factory methods to create mock objects making them more extensible. This allows the use of custom mock objects.
- Mockrunner is now officially Java 5 (aka 1.5) compatible. Java 5, 1.4. and 1.3 are supported from now on.
- The Struts test framework now supports custom ActionMapping subclasses.
- The JDBC test framework now supports generated keys
- Improved out parameter handling for callable statements
- Added new ArrayResultSetFactory implemented by Erick G. Reid
- Added a method to easily preload JMS mock destinations with test messages
- Refactored JMS session handling so that closed session are removed from destinations (preventing a memory leak that may occure in special cases)
- Many minor improvements and bug fixes

Please check out the release on for the new version and examples for the new JCA test framework.

Posted by Alwin Ibba 2005-09-30

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