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New Version Available for download!

Go to the projects "website"
for more information. Please update your current MobileXpdf application to the new version AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2008-03-18

Web Site is now available!

Hey Lads!

From now on, you can also use the project website in order to post your thoughts, ideas and impressions about this application, or to read news and stay informed on the current status of the development version:

Thank you!

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2008-03-15

Brand new version available for downloading

Hey everybody!

The version is available for download! :) it currently comes in 3 flavors : Windows Mobile 2003SE, WM5 and WM6. Also you have the updated source code available for download. Please let me know if you spot any problems.

1. Copy the cab to your Mobile device, and execute it. I STRONGLY recommend to install the application to DEVICE ( this will allow you to resume the application without loosing the page index after you bring the device back from suspend mode).
2.1. Copy your PDF files to the "My Documents/My Library" folder (create it if it is not created already and PLEASE let me know if this situation occurs), enter the application and open one of the files.
2.2. Or you can simply launch the application, enter the options menu, and select the "Associate..." option. This will allow you to open PDF files directly from your file browser (whatever that may be :) )... read more

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2008-03-13

MobileXPdf is making a comeback!

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the delays and everything... i had a *LOT* of work at the job these months, and the worst part, none of it in C++ (so I've been brainwashed with C#/vb .Net/ Delphi /etc :) )
Anyway... for the last 2 weeks i have been working on the promised version and well, it looks pretty good. the file open dialog is more reliable, there is a new option for setting the default zoom when opening a document, a few leaks - sorry about that :D - and some other minor fixes.
To those that are interested: The application works perfectly on WM5 (windows mobile 5) now and (Are you ready?) WM6 (windows mobile 6)... read more

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2008-03-12

New release coming soon

Hey there! i see a lot of people have shown interest in this little application :) So i've scheduled the next release for the 21th of this month (Friday) night. I'll include some fixtures and A LOT of improovements in this one. Also hope to fix (what i think it's the last of )the windows mobile 2005 issues.
Lately i haven't had much free time so again, if anybody is interested in helping out, please drop me a mail or something... or if you can, just put a link on your site to this app.. spread the word :)... read more

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2007-12-11

New Release!

Just released another .cab file. This one fixes some issues related to the way the FileOpen and GoToPage dialogs act.
Didn't upload the source code yet. I'll upload it after i fix the problem with the TextOnly mode being called 2x ^_^.

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2007-06-26

Need help!

I'm really caught with my graduation exam, so you're a devel and don't got much to do, gimme a hand here :). It's as simple as C++ !

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2007-06-12

Problem with Windows Mobile 2005

Some users (friends of mine) complained that they were having problems with the Open File dialog. I shot them! joking. Sorry for this. A work'around would be to enter the app, and in the Options Dialog, check the "Associate with PDF files", save settings and exit the app. Now you will be able to open files by directly clicking on them (without actually needing to run the app.) ;) i'll fix this when there will be time.

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2007-06-12

Released Cab File

Just made a few adjustments and released the CAB file! One small thing about this cab file: All you pdf files will have to be on you Smart Card. (^_^) sorry for this, if you find it unpleasant, drop me a line. Best of luck to you all!

Posted by Ciochina Gabriel 2007-06-12

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