Compiling sources

  • Vito

    Vito - 2007-03-14


    I love your program. Many compliments for it!

    I tried to compile the sources with Wireless Toolkit 2.5, because I have a LG U900 phone with a wide screen (320x240), and I would like to try to modify the software in order to have the application using the full screen.

    Do you think it is feasible?

    Anyway, during compilation I have compilation errors:

    C:\WTK25\apps\MobileStarChart\src\astro\data\ unclosed string literal
            new Constellation("Camelopardalis","Cam",6046679,4715970,"³À°\"),//11,Camelopardalis
    C:\WTK25\apps\MobileStarChart\src\astro\data\ ')' expected
            new Constellation("Vulpecula","Vul",20021575,1640366,"ª°¯W")//88,Vulpecula
    In fact, the main error is the first (line 53 of the source file): there is a backslash preceding the ", which is syntactically wrong: the backslash starts an escape sequence. If you meant to add a backslash character, then a double backslash should be present instead of the single one.

    But my question is: how were you able to compile it?

    Vito (from Italy)

    • Mark Kuo

      Mark Kuo - 2007-04-11

      Sorry for late reply. I don't usually check out this place.. :( sorry~~

      The compilation error is due to the Chinese characters I used in the source. Please set your environment to UTF-8 encoding to be able to compile it.

      The way to make the program full screen depends on MIDP versions, or whether your cell phone supports it. In MIDP2.0 I tried to use the pre-defined function to do full screen display, but some cell phones apparently do not support it. So I am not really sure about it. Please check it out about your specific cell phone.



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