#224 Support for OkMap


It should be fantastic if MOBAC can save maps in OkMap format.
OkMap is a software similar to OziExplorer but freeware (http://www.okmap.org)
OkMap store georeferencing information in a xml file format with exstension .okm (in the same folder of map image).
This is schema of .okm file: http://www.okmap.org/a/map.xsd + http://www.okmap.org/a/gpx_style.xsd.
This is the list of datum used by OkMap: http://www.okmap.org/a/Datums.xml.
This is the list of projections used by OkMap: http://www.okmap.org/a/Projections.xml.
An example can be found at http://www.okmap.org/a/Genzana%20rotella.zip.
Any questions can be submitted at [url]mailto:info@okmap.org[/url].


  • r_x

    r_x - 2012-02-18

    The provided sample file uses Traverse Mercator projection. MOBAC can only handle plain Mercator projection. Please provide an appropriate example.

    The <grefpnt> entries seems to be the calibration points, but the following <forCoeff> and <invCoeff> which seems to be related to <grefpnt> doesn't make any sense to me.

  • gian paolo saliola

    I've changed the example using Mercator projection.

    <grefpnt> are calibration points.

    <forCoeff> are 4 (affine) or 6 (similarity) coefficients to solve equation:

    lon = for0 * x + for1   (Similarity)
    lat = for2 * y + for3
    lon = for0 * x + for1 * y + for2    (Affine)
    lat = for3 * x + for4 * y + for5

    x, y are referred to the center of the map.

    <invCoeff> are the respective coefficients to solve inverse equations.

    If you have problem to calculate them I can change map load function to recalculate them on-the-fly if they are omitted. Tell me because I must modify OkMap software.

  • gian paolo saliola

    is there anyone?

  • gian paolo saliola

    Links now are set to the new example (Mercator) and without coefficients.
    These are the minimal information to create a valid .okm file.

  • gian paolo saliola

    I've changed my example with right projection and minimal data.

  • gian paolo saliola

    Hi all,
    I've changed http://www.okmap.org/a/Genzana%20rotella.zip example.
    Now it uses plain Mercator projection.

    <forCoeff> and <invCoeff> are not necessary - see the new example.

  • gian paolo saliola

    After one year no response.
    Please tell me which other information you need or tell me if this isn't possible to realize.
    Many thanks.


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