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February 2008 Update

Remember that v0.2 pre-alpha & associated features that was tentatively scheduled for September? As you can see, it didn't work out. Unfortunately, due to real life, I am unable to work as often as I would like. However, there is good news. My schedule appears to be opening up a bit, and as a result I will finally be finishing up the features promised in August. Unfortunately, there is still no website anywhere in site. I'll be working on it as time goes on, but I make no promises.... read more

Posted by Elliot Robinson 2008-02-19

MMOHack v0.1 pre-alpha released!

Version 0.1 pre-alpha is a feature release which outlines all of the work which has been put into MMOHack so far. It outlines basic functionality, shows the proposed user interface, and generally gives a taste of what is to come.

v0.2 (scheduled tentatively for September 2007,) will include object handling, player inventory, peaceful monsters (it's doubtful that the combat code will be in place,) and binary format maps complete with a map-making program.... read more

Posted by Elliot Robinson 2007-06-14