Steve Broom - 2006-08-29

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As a possible work-around, you can set up multiple
MMM "profiles" - one for yourself, one for each parent, one
for each of their friends, one for each of their friends
children and neighbours...

To do this select File -> New and enter the connections
details. File -> when finished.

Each "profile is saved as a .magic file

There is a quicker way if all the profiles are going to be
quite similar (same filters etc.) - just make as many
copies of your .magic file (in the folder where you
installed MMM) each with a unique name. Access each one in
turn with File ->Open (they are listed in the File menu
once you have accessed them). Edit each one (delete any
mailboxes that are not required for that particular user)
and File ->Save

When you, or one of your parents want to check their mail,
they will now just need to select their profile from the
File menu.