Max Layout Parasitic Extraction, Max 4.3.16

  • nikolas123

    nikolas123 - 2005-06-10

    How can I enable the extract option in the menu of max layout system?
    Is there any other way to extract parasitic RC data from the layout?

    Do I have to compile the newer version Max 4.3.16 instead?

    Thank you

    • Lee Tavrow

      Lee Tavrow - 2005-06-12

      The extract_it option should work fine in max 4.2.11.
      It is mostly running the :extract command which is similar to the old magic one. 

      There is no reasons to compile max 4.3.16 for extraction.

      As for other ways to extract RC's, you can write an extractor yourself in tcl using the various api's.  Otherwise, use :extract which generates an .ext file.

      Hope this helps,

    • recante

      recante - 2006-05-18

      Can someone share with me where exactly is the resource file for the extraction? Sorry new to this software and to magic for that matter.

      Typically, different technologies will have different sheet resistances and different permittivity of material which is necessary to extract accurate data. So... is there a way I can edit this information? I couldn't locate it in the manual. Maybe I am missing something?


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