Muhammad - 2004-12-10

I am working on Micro magic’s tool called SUE. The claim of this tool is that it can accept the verilog code and make a lay out from it. And for this a command is given, which is “verilog_to_sue”. This command works fine but the problem which I am facing is that after importing the file in the tool it gives an error of behavioral code, even though the code is written in structural manner.
The second problem which I am facing is that when simulating the icon using verilog simulation and when we have to use the “init_probe “, I am given the error of “cannot open verilog”. According to my interpretation this means that, another software, called “verilog” is required. If this is so, from where can I get this software? If the problem is some thing else Please guide me through.
Hope to listen from you soon.