Installing MMI - trouble setting up new user

  • cris

    cris - 2004-08-09

    hi I am stuck with the step of new user set-up after "untaring" all the files. Where shall i put those lines of environment set-up? There is no users.login file in my mandrake linux 9.2 and i am newbie to MMI, please specify the exact file that i should edit.

    many thanks.

    • Lee Tavrow

      Lee Tavrow - 2004-08-10

      I assume the lines you are referring to are to set the MMI_TOOLS environment variable and the path.  These lines can go in any one of a number of places or you could simply type them into the current window.  I suggest you put them into .cshrc or .tcshrc (assuming that you are running csh or tcsh) or into .login.  If these files don't exist you can just make them in your home directory.  Remember that you need to source these files for them to take effect.  The easiest way to do that is to simply log off and log on again.

      Good luck,

    • cris

      cris - 2004-08-12


      Thanks heaps for the reply. I am using the bash shell, but i asked help from my lecturer about the equivalent setup, and it worked!!

      Good day,


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