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Release fix!

All is working good. You can download (Linux and Windows).


Posted by  Thud 2011-12-26


It's release with the same version but It has small change - measurement tool switch!
There is also SVN, I will upload new release.


There is problem with code. It's working good on Windows, but bad on Linux. I must fix it, but tomarrow (On Monday in my country, now it's 23;57 on my digital clock, Sunday).

Posted by  Thud 2011-12-25

Measurement tool switch

Now I'm working for very simply feature - measurement tool switch.
You can switch beetwen analog or digital measurement tool. So you can type result from 7-segment display or pointer.

After that I must upload codeto svn or something else.

Posted by  Thud 2011-12-15

First official release!


I'm very glad!
There is first official version on server (so unsorted... and uncleaned).

There is now source and binary with dll.


Posted by  Thud 2011-11-27

First unofficial file is coming

First unofficial file (binary for Windows) is ready for download, now only in Polish. I must clean my project, etc. And add first official release.

Sławomir Kozok (or simpler "Thud").

post scriptum
There is a video captured on Linux:

Posted by  Thud 2011-11-26