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MMC 3.0 update is available!

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2006-08-21

Release 1.6.8 is available for download

Minor fixes.
Latest patches applied.

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2005-04-22

Release 1.6.7 is available for download

ver 1.6.7
- Applied patches:
[ 1047351 ] Changes for Spanish Translated property pages ((Thanks to joe)
[ 1025067 ] Column sorting for non-string datatypes (Thanks to Greg Arnold)
[ 1024677 ] ENH: re-using user control instances (Thanks to Kent Rollins)
[ 1022855 ] Allow jump to specific wizard page (Thanks to Johnson Chu)
[ 1015069 ] Performance improvement for SortListNode (5000+ items) (Thanks to Greg Arnold)
[ 1008301 ] Warning Message for lost changes (Thanks to joe)
[ 983638 ] Fix for catastrophic failure on FormNode Refresh (Thanks to Chris Osborn)
[ 970400 ] 1.6.4 Fix: Remove View Menu from OCX Node's context menu(Thanks to Chris Osborn)
[ 957342 ] Separate id from display text for MenuItems (Thanks to Greg Arnold)... read more

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2004-12-05

Icons Exchange!

You have great collection of icons in you MMC Snapin! Share them with the community!

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2004-12-05

Screenshots Show!

With new great feature at sourceforge you could share your great looking MMC Snapins!
Just upload your screenshot to the patch section and let me know!
Take a look at current screenshots here:

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2004-12-05

Release 1.6.5 is available for download

ver 1.6.5
- Applied patches:
[ 942215 ] SetDescBarText problem (Thanks to Attila Kapostyak)
[ 942217 ] tabchanged event (Thanks to Attila Kapostyak)
[ 926042 ] Property Page crash (Thanks to evalidji)
[ 917875 ] AutoRefresh property,RefreshResultView method for ReportNode (Thanks to Arunjeet Singh)
[ 912577 ] A new method in the Snapinbase for selecting a scope node (Thanks to Arunjeet Singh)... read more

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2004-04-28

At last!

Good news!
Now we have mailing lists!
Everybody is welcome!
Please post your messages there.

Posted by Alexander Kachalkov 2004-03-22

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